Summary of the JHTA Survey on the Implementation of the Plastic /Styrofoam Ban in Jamaica

A survey was carried out to determine the views of a JHTA Membership on the recently implemented ban on single-use plastic bags, plastic straws and Styrofoam containers. Respondents on the accommodation side included properties ranging from small rural EPs to large all-inclusive as well as luxury properties. On the allied member side respondents included attractions and suppliers to the Tourism Industry.

1. Do you believe that there was adequate public information prior to the plastic/ Styrofoam ban being implemented

  • Most respondents believe that there was adequate pre-ban public information.

2. What impacts has the plastic/ Styrofoam ban had on your property?

  • Most persons noted that the ban had no impact or minimal impact on their business.
  • The most noticeable impact included the additional expense to purchase alternatives

3. What are some of the alternatives to the aforementioned banned items that you have started using/ distributing to staff and customers?

  • paper products
  • bamboo products
  • recyclables products
  • biodegradable products
  • installing water dispensers to replace single-use water bottles
  • distributing reusable bottles
  • utilizing dispensers for toiletries

4. Are you able to easily source alternatives to the aforementioned banned items?

  • The majority of respondents advised that they were able to easily source all or most of the needed alternatives to the banned products.
  • One respondent noted that aesthetically pleasing alternatives are not always readily available

5. Is there anything that could have been done differently?

  • More advertising for alternative products
  • Paper recycling could have been included
  • Encourage recycling for households including providing information recycling

6. What additional measures do you think should be instituted now that the ban is in place?

  • Focus on ensuring compliance
  • Recycling scheme
  • Providing government subsidized alternative materials
  • Government action to regulate prices of alternatives