The JHTA has several sub-committees charged with carrying out the day-to-day and strategic planning of the organization.

The committees are:-

Finance and Revenue:
Chair: Glenn Lawrence,
Co-Chair: Omar Robinson.
Members: Kevin Hendrickson, Jag Mehta, Zein Nakash, Brian Roper

Allied and Linkages:
Chair: Marilyn Burrowes,
Co-Chair: Greta Bogues.
Members: Jonathan Baker, Noel Sloley Jnr, Mike Drakulich, David Shields, Mary Chambers, Daniel Melville

Small Accommodation:
Chair: Joanne Robertson,
Co-Chair: Doris Morgan.
Members: Christopher Jarrett, Sophie Roumel, Jason Henzell, Christopher Issa, Vana Taylor

Product, Environment and Energy:
Chair: Vana Taylor,
Co-chair: Evatt Bloomfield.
Members: David Lawrence, Dana Cuffe, William Tatham, Richard May, Mike Drakulich

Marketing & Public Relations:
Chair: Nicola Madden-Greig,
Co-Chair: Angella Bennett.
Members: Alex Ghisays, Carolyn Wright, Josef Forstmayr, Jonathan Baker, Elizabeth Scotton, Earl Richards, Dana Cuffe, Aram Zerunian, Jag Mehta, David Shields, Marcia Erskine, Kerry-Ann Quallo-Casserly

Security and Emergency:
Chair: Brian Roper.
Members: Winthrope Wellington, Prudence Simpson, Frank Sondern, Chapter representatives, Courtesy Corps representative, Tourism liaison officer (JCF), ODPEM representative, David Peck, Michael Gayle, JCF Representative

Membership and Recognition:
Chair: Adam Stewart,
Co-Chair: Carol Bourke.
Members: Kevin Hendrickson, Michael Gayle, Rosie James, Clifton Reader, Shernette Crichton

Chair: Nicola Madden-Greig.
Members: Wayne Cummings, Evelyn Smith, Ricardo Esteban, Glenn Lawrence, Kevin Hendrickson, Noel Sloley Jnr., Michael Campbell, Marilyn Burrowes